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The Strategic Power of Ghostwriting

AI is shifting the SEO playing field. 

Rather than focusing on keyword density, the emphasis is now on creating high-quality content that aligns with AI’s advanced data interpretation. 

This shift requires business owners to focus on user intent and provide clear, concise, and comprehensive responses to the questions of their audience. Which means to grow your audience, and get noticed online, you need to create consistent, relevant, and engaging content. 

AI models are quickly becoming the next generation of search engines. And those same models look for content that has authority before presenting the information to the person searching for information. 

If you want your business to get recognized by tools like and Google Gemini (and trust me you do because these tools are becoming the future of searching) you have to show the AI algorithms you are an online authority. 

But you likely didn’t get into business to write. 

The Content Creation Problem

Every advisor, consultant, thought leader, and speaker I’ve worked with all know they need to create content for their business. 

But rarely do they have the time or want to tackle that content creation. 

That is okay! You got into your business to do what you do best. And if that was writing, you would likely be a copywriting or ghostwriter like me. 

Some are great writers and can pull off doing both! But as they get busier it becomes more worthwhile for them to focus on billable projects instead of content creation. 

That is where hiring a professional can help. 

Hiring a ghostwriter is like hiring a contractor to build your house. You likely know exactly what you want your house to look like. But most people don’t have the time or the knowledge to build it themselves. 

The contractor takes your vision and brings it to life. 

So does a ghostwriter. Everything written is your opinions, your stories, and your strategies. The ghostwriter uses their skill to write this information in your voice, in a compelling way. 

That way, you can build your online presence while getting back to the work you actually love. 

3 Ways A Ghostwriter Help You

Not everyone is familiar with what ghostwriters do and how they can help. 

Here are three ways you could start working with a ghostwriter today to help you build your authority and your audience. 

  1. Write A Book

Grammar Factory Publishing put out some shocking stats. 

After surveying 150 entrepreneurs on how writing a book impacted their business, they found: 

  • 34% said their earnings have doubled since publication
  • 63% received additional media opportunities 
  • 72% got speaking engagements as a direct result of their book 
  • 86% have seen business growth since launching their book 

What could this do for your business? 

Many of our clients have used their book to leverage into high paid consulting or speaking engagements. A book helps the reader gain trust in you and your methods, and makes them eager to bring you on board. 

Especially if you work with a ghostwriter who focuses on helping you resonate with your audience. 

There is a big difference between writing helpful information, and writing it in a way that resonates so other readers don’t want to put down the book. 

Finding a ghostwriter that can help you resonate helps you spread your message and grow your authority. 

  1. Consistent Blog Content

Long form content, both in video and text, is gaining traction. 

But when the choice comes down to helping a client, versus creating a blog, the latter is more immediately lucrative for most business owners. 

But ignoring your content creation can lead to website stagnation and make it difficult for your audience to find you. 

Hiring a ghostwriter to help you create a consistent blog helps you establish and build your online presence. AI search engines want you to be an authority on the content and want to see that your content was recently updated. 

Pulse, according to Hubspot, one of the biggest ways you can grow your audience is consistency. 

With a ghostwriter, you can meet once a month, tell them the blog content you want written, then go and take care of your clients while the content gets written for you. Then you can create the consistency SEO and AI search engines like to see so you can share your message and draw more traffic to your site. 

  1. Website Content, Email Campaigns, & Newsletters–Oh my!

Ghostwriting doesn’t have to just be relegated to books and blogs. A ghostwriter can be hired for much of the other writing your business might need! 

Especially as they grow to know your voice, your brand, and your audience. 

I’ll admit, this is a bit niche. Not every ghostwriter will want to work on website content, email campaigns, and newsletters. But many of us like this short form work as well. 

Your website needs to tell a story

Your email campaigns need to create value. 

Your newsletters need to inspire and build trust. 

All of that can be tricky to know how to do and to do on your own. 

Professional writers can help you. Hiring a ghostwriter is often a one stop solution for all your business writing needs. They can grow with you, and test what work, and give you time back in your day so you can continue to do what you do best!

Need Help Writing? 

At Alliance Ghostwriting we help rebellious leaders establish authority and build their audience with high quality ghostwriting and copywriting. Do you want to write a book or recurring blog? We’ve got you covered.

You break the mold, we’ll handle the writing. Contact us to learn more!

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