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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

At Alliance Ghostwriting, we recognize that while the sword's impact is swift and finite, confined to the moment it slashes, the pen's influence echoes through generations.

A sword may conquer territories, but the pen conquers minds.

And yet, we’ve still included the sword?

The sword stands as a challenge to the status quo. It reminds you, and us, that words, when wielded with precision and grace, can cut through ignorance, pierce apathy, and shatter illusion.

The sword symbolizes the edge we bring to storytelling.

You've got ideas that challenge norms and perspectives that deserve a megaphone. Let us help you get them out into the world!

A quick Bio

I am a ghostwriter and author with a deep understanding of the importance of resonating with your audience. I have dedicated my role as a ghostwriter to helping rebellious leaders with unique ideas grow their authority with high quality copywriting and ghostwriting. And when I’m not doing that I’m either writing my own stories, hiking with my family, or at the archery range.

Let me help you stand out!

Why did I become a ghostwriter?

I love non-fiction books.

No really, there are several which have shaped my professional life, and taught me valuable lessons.

I have inhaled books on business, philosophy, unique facts, sales training, communication skills, and much more. And each one has helped shape me into who I am today.

I became a ghostwriter, because the idea that I might help create a book that influences others, the way many well crafted non-fiction books have influenced me, sounds like a dream come true.

Plus, I love to write!

Which means my clients benefit from my knowledge of crafting a compelling narrative, and get to work with someone who is highly passionate about the message they want to share.

Why focus on writing for rebellious leaders?

Through my career, both in the corporate world and out on my own, I have met several rebellious individuals with unique ideas.

They are the crazy ones. The mavericks who see the world not for what it is, but for what it could be. They challenge norms, question established routes, and dare to dream bigger.

And they don’t settle for general knowledge, or vague explanations. Instead, they dig deep into the weeds of why something works, and they understand the little known facts behind big successes.

Because of this, they are my favorite people.

I love learning from them and helping them articulate their message.

And with my help, they get high quality books and copy that genuinely captures their vision, resonates with their audience, and grows their authority.

Ready to disrupt?

We help rebels grow their audience and their authority with words that captivate. 

Alliance Ethos


Crafting narratives that echo your genuine voice, ensuring every word feels real.


Articulating ideas with audacity, ensuring clarity and deep resonance for all who engage.


Curating content that captivates, influencing precisely those it’s meant to touch.


For those daring enough to dream of change, we’re here to script their legacy.


Every tick of the clock counts; penned, perfected, and presented when it matters most.
You break the mold, we’ll handle the writing.
Together, we’ll turn your vision into compelling narratives that shake up the status quo.
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