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“Never Split The Difference” by Chris Voss with Tahl Raz

This series is devoted to decoding bestselling non-fiction titles and delving into the reasons behind their widespread success. The objective is to analyze unique qualities that make these books rise above the crowd in a saturated market so aspiring authors have the knowledge needed to craft their own potential bestseller.

Chris Voss is a retired FBI hostage negotiator, and his book is an amalgamation of field-tested tools everyone should know about. 

“Never Split The Difference” redefines negotiation and it’s one of our favorite reads. It’s a great way to understand the people around you and how to, “talk them into (or out of) just about anything”. 

For that reason, this book has a place of honor in our bestseller breakdown! Let’s dive into what you can learn from it. 

About “Never Split The Difference” 

Many of us think we understand negotiation. Either because we have watched a movie that talks about it, or maybe even experienced sales ourselves. 

But in truth what many of us know only scratches the surface. 

In a negotiation we are always struggling to get the word yes. But Voss reminds us that there is more power in the word NO because there is typically more emotional connection behind the word. Talk about a rebellious perspective!  

Think about the last time you said “no” to something? Weren’t you more passionate about your answer than when you typically say yes? 

Voss is an ex-FBI negotiator and through this book he uses his life-or-death experiences from his career to explain the key techniques we can use in our everyday conversations. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the person across the table and leveraging their human nature to create win-win scenarios instead of compromises. 

It’s a book everyone should read, and it’s clear just in the headline why it’s a bestseller. But, a book that makes big promises has to keep those promises as well. 

Luckily, “Never Split The Difference” does. 

About Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

Chris Voss brings real-world tactics and psychological insights to the table. His experiences in high-pressure situations provide a backbone of authenticity to his methods. And as the CEO of The Black Swan Group–a company focused on training negotiation tactics–he has continued this legacy. 

“Never Split The Difference” is a keep representative of his brand. He uses it to introduce himself to those who might want to learn more from him and introduces them to the community he has created where they can learn more. 

And Tahl Raz is the author and journalist who helps him tell this story. His journalistic flair adds depth and readability, making the book informative and engaging.

And this is a prime example of what it can be like to work with a ghostwriter who can help you create a compelling narrative. Voss had the real life experience, and Raz had the storytelling expertise. Their collaboration is a combination that’s rare, yet highly effective, in the world of non-fiction.

What Makes It A Bestseller

“Never Split The Difference” stands out for many reasons. 

  • The book translates high-stress negotiation tactics into everyday scenarios, making it incredibly practical.
  • The book dives deep into the psychology of negotiation, offering a fresh, human-centric approach.
  • The book includes gripping real-life stories that illustrate the techniques and keep the reader hooked.
  • The book shows how these tactics are applicable in various fields—from business deals to personal relationships, making it relevant to a diverse audience.

Key Takeaways When Writing Your Book

Just as Voss’s FBI background provides credibility, your unique experiences can add authenticity to your work. People relate to emotions and stories. The more you can incorporate these into your writing, the more you will make complex concepts more relatable and engaging.

And remember, readers value books that present ideas and offer actionable steps to apply them in real life. Too many books on the non-fiction shelf simply introduce and talk about a problem then provide very general and vague insights to solving that problem. When your book is specific, and delves into relevant situations your reader has likely experienced, your book becomes the one they highlight and mark up because they need to remember those strategies.

And finally, remember a powerful narrative can transform a good book into a great one. Don’t just write a book to share information. Because information for the sake of information is quite boring to read and often makes readers close the book forever. Find ways to share the information you want in a way that is relevant and engaging to the reader, inclusive of stories for examples. 

In Closing

“Never Split The Difference” reimagines negotiation as a collaborative journey. And it shows how rethinking conventional wisdom can open up new avenues of understanding and success. It’s a bestseller because Voss’s relevant background was highlighted, the information within is specific and tactical, and the writing is highly engaging. 

If you haven’t read it yet, we recommend you check it out

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